Mood Board Two

Create a digital mood board for ONE of the following client briefs – use
photoshop or powerpoint:

BRIEF 1: A new interior design company is considering developing a new range
of bedroom furniture for girls with a theme of ͚love.͛

BRIEF 2: An outward bounds company is planning to develop a new set of
adverts which convey the theme of ͚adventure.͛

BRIEF 3: A local nursery are planning a new poster to advertise the business
with the theme of ͚fun and learning͛
Remember to use:

Images : relevant or related such as existing products , photographs, logos,
screenshots from films, advertisements, posters.
Colours: especially those that fit the brief that have been use before in similar
Text, key words. Fonts and styles.
Digital – sounds and video clips.




brief three fun and learning project

Mood boards one

 i have been asked to Research and write the answers to the following.

Remember to add illustrations and images and

REFERENCE where you got them from.

what is a mood board?

An arrangements of images, materials, pieces of texts etc… Intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

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What is mood board used for?

A mood board is used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other

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What are the steps in mood board production?

1.Get Inspired

2.Find Your Focus

3. Hunt and Gather

 4. Pick Your Approach

 5. Build Your Board

 6. Do It Again!

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